Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Hello, World!

Alternate Title: "w00t, 1st p0st!!"

Hello, and welcome to my new blog, “It Seemed Funny at the Time”. I chose the title because it seemed funny at the time of choosing it. The title works on so many levels, don’t you think?

Anyway, since you took the trouble to get here, you deserve to know a little bit about me. I’m a high school student from Canada. My name is Ben. That’s all you really need to know for now: I’m not a big fan of giving away personal information over the internet. I may tell you more details about my life at some point, but for now, I’ll let my content do the talking.

What will this content be, you ask? As with The Outer Limits, I will control everything you see and hear. I might show you some of my artwork, I might present you some music. Heck, I might even write some terrible poetry, if I feel like it. This is, essentially, a creative outlet for me. It’s also a way of storing information in case my computer breaks down. I would like this experience to provide value for both of us, me as a publisher and artist, and you as a reader.

What is my promise to you? I don’t want to disappoint you, so I’ll try not to promise much. I promise that, when I do post content, I will try to keep it entertaining to you. I promise that I will try my best not to insult you in anyway, whether by dumbing down my work, or by attacking your views in the comment section.

I don’t promise that you will constantly entertained: trying to please everyone is a tried-and-true method of pleasing nobody. I don’t promise that I will update often, but I do promise not to clog your RSS reader with apologies that I don’t update often. When I have quality content, I will post it. When I have no quality content, I won’t post anything. I believe in the importance of quality over quantity. I want to create art, comics, awful poetry, or whatever it is I create, with the intention of having it read or viewed more than once. There’s already enough useless information on the internet. I want to deliver things of use to you, whether by giving you an artistic ideal to strive for, or perhaps just as often, by giving you an artistic method to avoid.

I apologize for being a bit vague or spacey, but it is late at night for me. I reserve the right to edit my posts at any time. Thank you for taking the time to read this. Always remember that you’re a good person.

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