For a few days last week, I decided to practice my drawing skills by finding some photos I liked on the internet and sketching them out. I'm not strictly an artist, but then again, many famous composers, statesmen and writers in history took up art as a secondary pursuit. When it comes to art, I may not be the next Hitler, but I just might be the next Chopin.

This would be Radovan Karadzic. I saw this picture of him on Time's website and thought to myself "Now this would be neat to draw!" This is sort of what got me started.

Yes, this bird in the photo did look as angry as I drew it.

This is the futurist Jacque Fresco, next to a failed attempt at an eagle (I turned the page upside-down to draw the eagle because I'm left-handed and didn't want to smudge the sketch of Jacque Fresco).

This is an elephant. I figure learning how to draw elephants will be useful if I want to become and American political cartoonist, or if I ever want to make Kugelman look more realistic.

Here are an eye, a hat, and a failed attempt at drawing a squirrel, for which I have no witty comments.

Here's Vladimir Putin, and a tree frog. Is their proximity to each other a profound political statement? No... or is it? No.

And finally, your friend and mine, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. Man, what is is with me and corrupt world leaders?


  1. wow , iwish icould sketch like that "/
    youre gonna go far(Y)

  2. My God! some of your sketches are amazing!!! i liked the angry bird (:)) the most... looking forward to more of your works!! cheers!!

  3. thats actually some pretty good drawings


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