Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Vlog 29 - My Little Pony


  1. When astrophysicists look at planetary systems, they need to answer not just questions like "Why does Earth have such a large moon?" but also questions like "Why doesn't every other planet?". A successful theory must answer both questions, not only addressing the origin of our moon but also the frequency with which similar situations are seen in our solar system and others.

    I mention this because something I think might be interesting to ask, if you're looking for a complete explanation of why My Little Pony is so popular, is why other, similar cartoons are not. I'm not really strong on my current cartoon series, but what about (say) the new Thundercats series or Transformers Animated? Both have retro appeal, and I assume (unless they're dramatically different from their predecessors) that both are thematically very simple. Neither has the cult following of MLP.

  2. Thinking more on this, what we really need is a reimagining of The Smurfs (which has a large cast, much like the other two, but is perhaps less centered on a lead character, and has characters with a variety of very basic personalities). For science.


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